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Markman Farm

  • Markman Farm Knitting Looms
    The Markman Farm, located in the high desert of Lassen County, CA, is home to free-ranging chickens, a llama named Tigger and Jacob sheep. Jacob sheep are easy keepers for the beginning shepherd. Our sheep are great foragers and are cultivating, fertilizing and pruning our landscape. Good fencing is a must! Considered a "handspinners delight", the Jacob's wool provides a natural resource for wool crafting. Rovings may be spun or felted with nice results. Our yarn is versitile, spun thin and fine for socks, to lush and lofty for rugs. Our handcrafted Knitting Looms soon followed! Classes regularly happen at the farm! Coming 2006, New Hands on Workshops and Retreats! Thanks, for visiting our farm via the web! Blessings, Lynn Markman "Aspiring to live a quiet life, minding our business, working with our hands." 1 Thessalonians 4:11.

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Great website, Lynn! God bless. Emmy


I like your socks. They look neat. God bless. Emmy


what sound does the pig make?


Is it true a disgruntled ghost named Burch Wallis roams the place?


Do Jacob sheep carry anthracts?


does the FAT buddy work well?


What kind of idiot would use semi gloss paint on their living room cieling?

Sister Sue Planter

nice rug...

Sandy Adams

Say, isn't this the old Leedy place? I drove by the other day and it almost made me cry...this used to be the nicest place in the valley; now it looks like a roosting place for inbred calimjumpers!


It's too bad the state doesn't have an adopt a sheep program. Would be awesome to consider they'd pay for monthly and I could use it as a fertilizer, lawnmower, clothing and eventually tablefare!

Furn Kuper

nice rug...


na naa na naa na! ihaight u, ihaight u moore! a zillion times moore! na naa na naa na! grow up for christ's sake!

Ruthie McCord 5217 River-Aire Dr.  Godfrey, Illinois 62035

I purchased a 4 loom (circular) set and the 3rd size, next to the largest has a loose peg. I know this is a molding problem when it was made, but I'm afraid it will come all the way out if I twist it....Can you just send me that loom and I can send the other one back so you can see it. They were sold in a 4 set package with Classic Knit as the name on the package, sold at Hobby Lobby. Let me know ok? God Bless, Ruthie

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